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Unveil a spectacular array of adventures in Tanzania with Kiboko Explorer

Tanzania is a country teeming with unparalleled natural beauty and an abundance of opportunities for discovery and adventures.

Our range of activities at Kiboko Explorer will allow you to fully immerse yourself in everything this vibrant country has to offer, providing new perspectives and experiences as diverse as the local environment itself.

One of the highlights of your Tanzanian escapade can be the enigmatic and fascinating tribal visits. Journey into the heart of local communities, like the Hadzabe tribe, who stand as one of the last hunter-gatherer societies in the world. You'll relish in learning about their unique culture, lifestyle, and traditions, providing a rare glimpse into a part of the world that remains pure, unaltered, and authentic.

For those seeking a more physical and exhilarating challenge, the awe-inspiring Ol Doinyo Lengai trekking experience awaits. This sacred mountain is a part of local Maasai folklore, and climbing it will not only test your strength and endurance but also reward you with breathtaking vistas of the surrounding savannah.

At Kiboko Explorer, we also bring you closer to the raw wilderness with our guided walking safaris. Step into the untamed African environment, rich with diverse wildlife, and experience the thriving ecosystem up close, offering an entirely different perspective than a traditional vehicle-based safari.

Moreover, the cultural richness of Tanzania isn't limited to its tribes. Engage deeply with community life via our village experience tours. From Maasai Village visits to cycling adventures around the lush Mto wa Mbu, these guided tours offer a close-up view of daily life, traditional customs, and the vibrant local spirit of Tanzania.

Adventure moves beyond land in Tanzania, with canoeing experiences that put you at the heart of some of the country's most beautiful waterscapes. Witness the region's diverse aquatic life with a tranquil canoe tour— an awe-inspiring experience you won't want to miss.

Finally, for an absolutely unforgettable safari adventure, awaken the thrill-seeker in you and take to the skies with our hot air balloon activity. This experience offers a magnificent, bird's-eye view of the landscapes, utterly changing the safari game.

Embark on a Tanzanian adventure like no other with Kiboko Explorer, where we curate experiences to satisfy the thirst of every nature enthusiast and cultural explorer.

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Leopard on a tree in Tanzania
4 days safari

Tanzania Express

Accommodation: Mid-range
Group size: Private
Starting from $ 1420 per person
6 days safari

Taste of Tanzania

Accommodation: Mid-range
Group size: Private
Starting from $ 2215 per person
8 days safari

Beyond the Big Five

Accommodation: Mid-range
Group size: Private
Starting from $ 3120 per person
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