Maasai Village (visit and overnight stay)

Maasai Village (visit and overnight stay)

Adding a stay at the Olpopongi Maasai Village to your Tanzanian safari is an extraordinary immersion into the heart and soul of the Maasai people and their rich culture. Located 74 km away from Moshi and 85 km from Arusha in the West-Kilimanjaro Maasailand, the Olpopongi Maasai Village offers a unique experience, blending wildlife encounters with cultural learnings.

The village is a 100% traditionally built Maasai Boma, the first authentic one with a museum and overnight facilities in Tanzania. From living in local houses constructed naturally with materials such as mud, cow dung, and sticks, to engaging in local food traditions, and folk storytelling, you become part of the Maasai lifestyle in a setting that respects their customs and environment, offering a maximum of cultural education, excitement, and authentic experiences.

The construction of Olpopongi by the local Maasai community, including more than 50 Maasai women and men, showcases their traditional ways, while certain additions such as exterior washrooms and a modern kitchen ensure hygienic comfort for visitors.

Your stay entails taking part in Museum tours and Walking Safaris, guided by knowledgeable, English-speaking Maasai guides who take immense pride in sharing their culture. All the Maasai jewelry for sale at Olpopongi is hand-made by local Maasai women of nearby villages, and your visit will support local Maasai families with necessities like water, food, employment, income, medical care, and education.

Staying at Olpopongi Maasai Village is not just about extending your safari for more game drives; it's about deepening your understanding and admiration for the Maasai culture while also making a positive social impact on the local community.

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