Hadzabe tribe

Hadzabe tribe

Extending your safari adventure to visit the tribes near Lake Eyasi in Tanzania is a deep plunge into an authentic cultural experience. The highlight of your immersion might be engaging with the Hadzabe tribe, one of the last hunter-gatherer societies in the world.

The tribe lives near Lake Eyasi, residing in its traditional lifestyle and residing in balance with nature. The opportunity to join the Hadzabe tribe in their hunting activities is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that gives insights into their life and survival skills. The hunt usually starts around half-past five in the morning, timed with the sunrise, and lasts about three hours.

The Hadzabe are exceptional marksmen, proficient with bows and arrows, and if lucky, you may witness them bringing down their prey or checking the traps they've set. They'll also teach you survival skills, such as building a fire from scratch. Post the hunt, you accompany the Hadzabe to the market, where they trade their captured prey with the Dotoga tribe for new arrows and bows. It's a unique barter system that exists to this day.

Remember, the Hadzabe hunt purely for survival, treating nature with deep respect, leading a life that's balanced with their surroundings. However, this extension may not be suitable for those uncomfortable witnessing dead animals.

A visit to the Lake Eyasi tribes is an enriching and raw safari extension that gives you a relevant understanding of the Hadzabe way of life, adding to your Tanzanian adventure.

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