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High value safaris in Tanzania and custom attention is what makes our Tanzania adventures so special

We are a small and licensed tour operator based in Arusha, Northern Tanzania. With our expertise in custom-made private and group safaris and animal viewing in the National Parks of Tanzania, we are dedicated to providing high-value, ethical, and responsible trips. 

Founded in 2015, Kiboko Explorer germinated from a profound passion for wildlife and an intricate understanding of the Tanzanian landscape. Our founder, Wiliam, enriches our firm with over a decade of experience as a Safari guide in Tanzanian parks, thereby ensuring each of our safaris is led by a seasoned expert.

We take great pride in promoting ethical and responsible tourism. As we guide you through the breathtaking wilderness of Tanzania, we remain mindful of the impact we have on the local communities and wildlife. We firmly believe that responsible tourism can contribute to the protection of wildlife and the well-being of local communities, who benefit greatly from visitors coming from all over the world.

When you choose Kiboko Explorer, you can expect exceptional service and carefully curated itineraries that showcase the beauty and diversity of Tanzania's wildlife. Our goal is to provide you with a safari experience that is both thrilling and responsible, leaving a positive footprint on the environment and local communities.

Join us on an extraordinary journey through the Tanzanian wilderness as we create memories that will last a lifetime. Discover the magic of Tanzania with Kiboko Explorer - your trusted partner for ethical and responsible safaris. Chek our safari ideas, 

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Good reasons to travel with us

At Kiboko Explorer, our unwavering commitment to crafting amazing safaris in Tanzania is at the forefront of everything we do.
Our team has extensive experience in crafting tailor-made safaris that provide unforgettable experiences of Tanzania's culture, wildlife, and natural beauty.
Multilingual guides
Our guides are multilingual, proficient in languages such as English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian.

Ethical tourism
We are committed to upholding ethical and responsible tourism practices, supporting community projects, and reducing negative environmental impacts.
As a small company, we pride ourselves on offering a highly personalized service. We work closely with you to understand your interests tailoring your safari to create a truly unique adventure in Tanzania.

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8 days safari

Tanzania luxury adventure

Accommodation: Luxury
Group size: Private
Starting from $ 4470 per person
hippo selous
4 days safari

Southern Adventure Safari

Accommodation: Mid-range
Group size: Private
Starting from $ 900 per person
5 days safari

Best of Tanzania

Accommodation: Mid-range
Group size: Private
Starting from $ 2150 per person
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Why choose Kiboko Explorer

Choosing to embark on a safari in Tanzania with Kiboko Explorer brings a multitude of compelling reasons to make your Tanzanian adventure truly memorable. As a local company, we possess an intimate knowledge of the region, enabling us to showcase the hidden gems and authentic experiences that Tanzania has to offer.

Our commitment to ethical practices sets us apart, ensuring that your safari journey prioritizes environmental conservation and supports local communities. With a meticulously curated selection of accommodations, we guarantee that you'll retreat to comfortable and sustainable lodges or camps that blend seamlessly with nature.

What sets us apart further is our unwavering dedication to customer care, which means that your needs and preferences will always be our top priority. Being small in size allows us to provide a level of attention and personalization that larger operators cannot match. Let Kiboko Explorer be your trusted guide as together we create an unforgettable safari experience in Tanzania.

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Tour Operator based in Arusha, Tanzania, registration company number 132864. We provide custom made safaris in Northern Tanzania. Our guides speak English, French and Italian.
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