Our Safari & Services

The tours and the itinerary we arrange are unique as our guests, we want to provide you with a truly travel experience of our islands, where we were born, live and work.
We like to create itineraries having clear in mind what you want from your holidays.

Whether you prefer a long safari during the Great Migration or just a short one to experience the savannah, we can put together a custom tour to match your budget and your expectations.

Because we are a small local company, with expansive local knowledge and years of experience working for the main Tour Operators as National Park Guide, we can build an itinerary the way you like.

Flexibility is our main strong point.
We want you to feel part of our community, we want you to discover the flora and the fauna of the Galapagos but also its people, culture and traditions.

What to expexct from us

Understanding your requirements is the most vital and first stage in our relationship with you. Tell us as much as possible about what you like, about your needs, your past holiday experiences, what you enjoy and what you don’t. we want to know something about yourself and the people traveling with you. If we understand what kind of travel experience you are looking for we will be able to provide it to you