Kon Tiki tended camp

Kon Tiki tended camp

KON TIKI AFRICA is a tented camp located in the wilderness, offering a genuine safari overnight experience. The camp provides comfortable accommodation in beautifully decorated brand-new canvas tents. Each tent is furnished using local craftsmanship and materials, creating a unique and authentic atmosphere.

The camp features 10 accommodation tents, including 2 family tents. Inside the tents, guests can expect to find either a king-size bed or 2 single beds, a comfortable sitting area, hot and cold running water 24 hours a day, and an en-suite bathroom with a flush toilet, sink, and shower. The tents are designed to provide a relaxing and safe environment for guests, allowing them to rest and refresh after a long day on a game drive.

In addition to the comfortable accommodations, KON TIKI AFRICA offers several amenities to enhance the guests' experience. Each tent is equipped with 24-hour charging stations for phones and cameras, ensuring that guests can stay connected. The entire camp area, including the accommodation tents, has high-speed Wi-Fi, allowing guests to stay connected with loved ones or share their experiences online. Daily housekeeping service is provided to ensure a clean and tidy environment.

One of the highlights of the camp is its emphasis on nature and wildlife observation. To enhance the guests' wildlife viewing experience, each tent is provided with a pair of binoculars for use during their stay. This allows guests to fully appreciate the natural beauty of the Serengeti.

The camp is dedicated to providing excellent service and takes pride in its cheerful staff who are ready to take care of the guests' needs. Guests can enjoy delicious food and relax around the campfire while sharing stories with fellow travelers. The location of the camp offers a tranquil and serene environment, allowing guests to unwind and appreciate the wonders of the African night sky.

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